Level-up, get promoted and recover from burnout…


Who knew that when I organized the 2nd iteration of what I thought would be a small, local, software conference, Pear Conf, I would be starting my own business.

Pear Conf happened over a beautiful two days this past July. We talked, we punned, we painted! I even saw some really great chilling out happening in our quiet corner!

With Pear Conf over, I realized that while the conference was great, it’s time to expand the message of pairing on work as a way to solve hard problems and get better at working with teammates.

This is why I have teamed up with Jennifer Tu and Betsy Haibel of Cohere to bring you the “Let’s Pair!” kickstarter.

“Let’s Pair!” is a series of zines designed to help folks get started or to improve their own pairing practice. We are also including a plushy pear for some reward levels.

Join the Pear community and back our kickstarter today!



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