Juneteenth — Celebrate and Do the Work

Neon Green and Black Celebrate Freedom Instagram Post

Today, Black people of color are celebrating Juneteenth. For non-Black folks, it’s a day to focus on leveling-up on anti-racism and clearing the path for BlPoC to celebrate.


  • Ask your company to make Juneteenth a holiday/day of learning about systemic racism, especially if you have more privilege. (Looking at you white people with BlPoC teammates)
  • Make sure your kids know and understand what Juneteenth is about, especially if it isn’t taught in their school.
  • Call your local representative and tell them Juneteenth should be a federal holiday.




Donate your days wages or whatever you can afford to charities fighting to end systemic racism.

At Appear Works, we are preparing training and resources to help everyone skill up on what anti-racism is and how we can increase how this is part of our everyday lives. In addition, we are walking the walk by donating $500 to each of the charities listed above.

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