August Art Therapy

August ARt therapy (1)

Hey fam. How are you?

It’s August, and we are feeling the burn of the ongoing pandemic along with other disasters such as hurricanes, wildfires and explosions hitting different parts of the world. If you are feeling like we are, there are some tough days happening. We are not therapists, but we know the healing power of art and community.

This month, we bring you 3 exercises to take a quiet break for yourself. If you’d like to work through these with other people, we are hosting an art therapy meetup next Tuesday.

Exercise 1 — Your Circular Shield (15 minutes)

Using a glass or cup, outline a circle on your paper. Color it in from the inside out. 

You can choose to keep your design inside the shield or draw outside of it as well. 

Which did you choose and what does it say about your personality? Can you think of a title for it?

Exercise 2 — Peace and Serenity (15 minutes)

Draw a design that represents peace and serenity. Use colors, shapes, lines and images that resonate for you.

What does your peace feel like and like? Is there a way to attain some of the peace in your design?

Exercise 3 — Loving Breath (30 minutes)

This exercise has 2 steps.

Step 1

Listen to some soothing music. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Imagine you are being bathed in love, peace and warmth. Imagine yourself breathing in compassion/calmness and breathing out anxiety and stress. 

Step 2

Draw yourself being embraced by someone or something you love (It’s ok to write in addition to or instead of drawing).

Who is embracing you? When was the last time you felt supported? How can you support/embrace yourself? What can you do today to show yourself some self-compassion?

It can be a challenge to take time out for yourself. Join us next week for some company and sketching together.

It’s ok to feel.

There are good reasons why many of us are experiencing more depression, anxiety and stress. These exercises can be completed on your own, in your own time or, join us next Tuesday to connect and recharge a little.

These exercises are from “250 Brief, Creative & Practical Art Therapy Techniques,” by Susan I. Buchalter.