“Let’s Sketch Tech!” in the Year of the Ox

Here at “Let’s Sketch Tech” we’ve noticed that most of you fit into one (maybe two) of the categories below.

But before we get to that, did you know we are having our online meetup with professional sketch-noter Ashton Rodenhiser on Tuesday, February 16? Find out more here.

The year of the Ox

Thursday night marked the turn of the lunar year from the year of the rat to the year of the ox. What does the Year of the Ox bring for each of these people?

Find out how you fit into “Let’s Sketch Tech!” and then read what’s in store below!

Silent supporter
You’re not sure about yourself as an artist. What you DO know is that we need more of an intersection between arts and tech. You’d like to see more exploration of what that means, and be a part of getting it out into the world

The Hobbyist
You love tech and enjoy working in your tech job. Finding new ways to explore tech topics helps you keep it fresh and interesting. You also love doodling and processing what you are learning. This happens in different ways such as sketching it out.

The Shape Shifter
Although you earn money with your tech job, it’s not the core of who you are. You’re still figuring that out, but you’re pretty sure it involves doing more creative work. You might be contemplating a job change or even a career change to something that embraces more of your creative side.

What does it mean for you?

While not a wild and crazy leap into the new, (that’s next year, year of the Tiger), this year of the ox is all about building in a steady, diligent way. We are still getting each other through the Pandemic. The Ox tells us to keep calm and carry on which, although not the funnest, will see us through. We need all of the hobbies we began or continued cultivating last year.


For hobbyists, it’s a great year to take the hobbies you started last year, and continue building on them. So, do you need a friendly group where you can spend some quiet time working and then maybe share what you did? We offer monthly meetups and a weekly “Create and Connect” call to keep you engaged with a community and expose you to different ways to think about bringing your artistic self to tech. Get to know others in our cozy weekly sketch-and-connect call where we spend 30 minutes doodling, setting up our journals or finishing a sketch-note. Join our Patreon for access to the call and our monthly meetups.


We’re not gonna lie, this year is challenging for shape-shifters who are ready to break out with something daring and new. However, we suspect you were taking steps on your shape-shifting path last year. So, this is a year to stick with your plan for transformation through taking small, dedicated steps. slow and steady execution often yields larger, more consistent results on those big, beautiful plans of yours. The year of the Tiger is coming, so this is your year to prepare for it. Join our community and get the support you need to continue on your bold path.

Silent Supporter

Are you a silent supporter? We know plenty of folks who believe in what we do and support us every month. This support helps us keep putting out content to help other folks who are developing their artistic practice and how it relates to tech. Our community is all about helping people who are under-represented find and use their unique voice in tech through the arts. For silent supporters, this year means continuing the strong and steady support you’re so good at. Thanks to our supporters who make such a difference! Click here to support Let’s Sketch Tech! by joining the Patreon.

This post was written by “Let’s Sketch Tech!” organizer and CE❤️ at Appear Works, Marlena Compton. Read more about the company here.

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