Inclusive Event Consulting

You know it’s important to make your events “more inclusive” and you have a CoC and plan of action to keep people safe, but what else is there to do?

Designing an inclusive event is more than just a CoC. Work with Marlena to see what adjustments you can make and how to effectively reach out so that you have a healthy mix of diverse attendees who come away raving about how much they felt like they belonged at your event and how much value they got from attending.

Creative Event Design for Tech

Back in the day, Marlena got the only “A” in her performance art class. After 15 years in tech, she’s attended all kinds of meetups and conferences in all kinds of places. These days, Marlena loves organizing events that are eye-catching without breaking the budget and fun yet safe and inclusive.  Let Marlena help you put an event together that your attendees won’t forget.

Design Thinking Workshop for Events

Your team has been talking about Event X for a while, but it’s hard for the team to come together about what the event should be. Do we need a meetup? Do we want to do this in Austin or Australia? Let Marlena lead you through a day of exercises designed to get your team on the same page about your event.

Pairing with Privilege Workshop

Marlena has pair programmed, a lot. Marlena has pair programmed on 2 different continents at 3 different companies. She paired and written tests first. She’s also paired without writing tests (GASP. Not preferable, but that’s software). Put together Marlena’s expertise with pair programming along with her expertise of ally skills and you have someone who deeply understands the power dynamics of pair programming, how they can go wrong, and how to make it better.

In this workshop, Marlena collaborates with Jennifer Tu and Betsy Haibel of Cohere to detangle what goes on between two people when they are pairing.