Pear Conf

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Pear Conf is a community of people who practice and encourage leveling-up on ally skills and pairing and in all its forms (pair programming, pair design, pair testing, etc.)

Every year we get together for a conference in a different city. In 2019 it was Chicago.

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In the meantime…

We also have monthly online meetups and quarterly face-to-face meetups.

Our next meetup

In August, 2019, our meetup is happening 100% on your computer.

We are excited to be joined by Sage Sharp for an interactive session on gender inclusivity!

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The Pear Conf Quarterly Read

Each quarter, Pear Conf selects a book for a “quarterly read.” Want to level up or get promoted at your tech job? Purchase our quarterly read (or check it out from your fave library). When you purchase the quarterly read from the Appear Works shop, it will allow you to opt into a short, guided reading experience. Read more about it here.

Summer’s quarterly read is “A Quick & Easy Introduction to They/Them Pronouns,” by Archie Bongiovanni and Tristan Jimerson. Leveling up means learning how to support your non-binary teamates!

In August, the online Pear Conf meetup will be focused on the theme of the quarterly read, but won’t require that everyone has read the book! It’s enough to show up wanting to learn.