Pear Conf

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Pear Conf is a community of people who practice and encourage leveling-up on ally skills and pairing and in all its forms (pair programming, pair design, pair testing, etc.)

Every year we get together for a conference in a different city. In 2019 it was Chicago.

In the meantime…

We also have monthly online meetups and quarterly face-to-face meetups.

Our next meetup

In June, 2019, we are having 2 face-to-face meetups in 2 cities: Chicago and San Francisco.

Get your ticket!

This quarter, the theme for our lightning talks, chosen by Chicago, is “When Monsters Attack! Debugging and Troubleshooting in Tech” Note that the theme is a suggestion, not a rule.

A few ideas:

  • Tricks for using breakpoints in XCode (or your favorite language)
  • Debugging as a pair
  • Tracking down errors in your dependencies
  • Debugging your team’s communications strategy

All proceeds from the quarterly face-to-face meetup go to a charity chosen by local organizers.

Local Organizers for Summer


  • Chelsea Troy
  • Brittney Braxton

San Francisco

  • Marlena Compton
  • Joe Grossberg