Appear Works organizes creative tech events that bring out the better in tech and the people who make it.

This is a list of our upcoming conferences and workshops.

Let’s sketch tech! — online sketch-noting instruction and practice — Thursday, February 21

Learn how to sketch-note a tech talk in this relaxing, byte-sized session with 30 minutes of sketch-noting instruction by sketch-noting and graphic facilitation expert, Kate Rutter. Sketch-noting instruction will be followed by a lightning talk, “Why AI Thinks You’re a Toaster (and Why You Should Care)” by IBM Watson engagement lead, B Cavello. Click here to buy your ticket before 12pm PST on February 20.

Pear Conf — March 21 – 23, 2019, Chicago

The Pears are back! This time, we are field-tripping to Chicago to talk about building software together. Click here to buy your ticket.

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