Hand-crafted Calligraphy in Vermont

Trained in modern calligraphy and Copperplate, I’m ready to elevate your event with custom calligraphy for your guests.

A place set with a beautiful place card. The name "Wendy" is written in calligraphy.

Give your event a human touch with calligraphy

In a world full of A.I. generated, generic, accessible-everywhere options, hand-written letters are a sophisticated, refreshing break from the norm. Show your guests how special they are with a place card created just for them. Invitations with a hand-lettered address tell the recipient that this invite is for an exceptional event.

Calligraphy creates a connection. It is not reproducible by machine. Human hands were made for this! It takes hours and years of practice to lay down letters quickly and beautifully. Your guests will feel more connected when they see their name written especially for them by a human hand. Create an elevated, personal connection with calligraphy.

Write it on glass with calligraphy!

In addition to pointed pen, I am able to write on glass and metal such as fragrance bottles and wine bottles. Fine lettering is not something a machine can re-produce. Each engraving is one-of-a-kind.

More sales — Fewer returns

For retailers, a benefit of live, on-site glass engraving is that customers spend more on items to be engraved and can’t return items that have been personalized.

I’ll show up with my supplies and personalize items that customers have purchased in your store.

This elevates anything they buy as a gift to a memorable keepsake.

For weddings, commemorate the day with an engraved fragrance for your wedding party.

Tell your guests and clients that they are special. Get in touch.

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Hand-lettered, digitized logotypes

Envelopes & Place cards

Live Calligraphy

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