Let’s Sketch Tech!

“Fun is not optional and joy is not a luxury.”

Beth Pickens from “Your Art Will Save Your Life”

Did you know it’s possible to be a vibrant, creative artist type and work in tech at the same time? Our community brings together people who work in tech, but who also need a creative outlet. The main focus of “Let’s Sketch Tech!” is to learn and explore different creative ways to visually communicate about tech.

It’s easy to feel alone, like you don’t belong if you work in a technical field and have hobbies like writing or sketching. For some of us, processing our lives through creative activities is not optional or a luxury, it’s who we are. “Let’s Sketch Tech!” exists to help you change this narrative from feeling lonely to seeing that you are not alone and that your creativity is a big advantage.

Our Gatherings

Monthly Meetups

Creativity requires inspiration. Each month we have a 1-hour online meetup about a different aspect creating and tech. Sometimes it’s sketch-noting, other times it’s making zines or lettering. Past guests have included Creative Journaling expert Brittany Braxton and Creative Director of Egghead.io, Maggie Appleton. Join the Patreon at the Watercolor or Architect level and you automatically get access to these meetings. Sign up for our newsletter or join our patreon to find out more.

Weekly Create & Connect

For creative types who work a job and have a family aka, most of us, it’s important to have creative time scheduled specifically for doodling, journaling, sketching or whatever your creative activity happens to be. Create & Connect serves as a placeholder during the week on Thursday at 4:30pm PST, to connect with others taking 30 minutes out of their week for a creative break. After 30 minutes, we share what we made. This is available for all members of the Patreon at every level.

Weekly Podcasts

Keep your head in a creative space and stay connected through our weekly audio podcast. The podcast is currently only available to Patrons. We see you’ve read down this entire page. This is a good sign it’s time to click on the button and check us out!

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