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Let's Sketch Tech!

We are so excited to kick-off our Tech Doodle of the Month Club, but first, do you have an iPad and Apple Pencil you wish you knew how to use for sketching and doodling?

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We are running a class, Digital Drawing Basics, on July 17 that covers the basic skills you need to draw and share a doodle using the award-winning iPad app, Procreate. Sign up as an individual or as a team to spend a Friday afternoon relaxing and discovering the power of sketching and sharing.

Sign me up!

Our July Doodle of the Month is…


Participate and enter our contest…

While it’s totally ok to participate in the Tech Doodle of the Month without entering our contest, we hope you’ll submit your doodle! This month, doodles are being judged by Denise Yu!

To participate, make your drawing and share it on social media with the hashtag #TechDoodleJuly2020 by June 15.

To enter the contest, submit your doodle through our 2 minute form. We promise, this is just to submit your entry, we won’t be sending you extra notifications or sharing your info from the form. We’ll announce the winner at the beginning of August when our next doodle-of-the-month comes out.

The contest winner receives a $25.00 credit in the Appear Works shop and will have their doodle featured in the next newsletter. If you don’t think you draw well enough, guess what! This is not about perfect execution. This is about getting your doodle out there!

Need some ideas?

Here are a few steps to help you create your tech doodle for July.

1. Pick a type of software bug, as we all know (sigh) there are all kinds of software bugs. Here are a few types:
User Interface Bugs
Security bugs
Performance bugs
Data Bugs
Error Handling Bugs
Syntax Bugs
And more…

2. What kind of literal bug represents your software bug? Is it a spider with lots of legs, weaving a web of software chaos and confusion? (Yes, we know that, technically, spiders are not insects, but let’s just go with it. Maybe your bug is a loooooooooong, long millipede or a sparky lightning bug. It’s also totally ok to make up your own imaginary bug that is a combination of some different bugs and creatures.

3. Draw your bug or bugs! Remember: this is not about art! We’re not looking for a masterpiece to put in a “hall of fame”. What you can draw today is totally enough.

4. Include a little bit of back story. Tech doodles are always more interesting when you share why you made them and why you made the choices you did. It doesn’t have to be a blog! A sentence or two is pear-fectly acceptable!

5. Include the #techdoodle hashtag in your drawing and share it on your favorite social and with a friend. Maybe get the friend to sign up for Tech Doodle Club too!

Sponsor next month’s doodle!
Tech doodlers are a thoughtful, creative and friendly bunch i.e. people you want on your team. If you’d like to see your company’s logo in our monthly email and receive a guest spot for someone at your company to help pick the tech doodle of the month, get in touch!


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